Over the next year, we’ll be introducing one member of the #HAWAR team each month. Currently, there are 12 of us – and, until now, we are made up solely of GIRLS! This December meet Mecbure.

What do you do @

I am doing weekly workshops with Yazidi-Kurdish refugees in Brandenburg. The refugees have only been in Germany for a short time and live in shared accommodation. They are survivors of the genocide in Iraq that was committed by the „Islamic State“. I often hear about how siblings, fathers, or other members of their families are still missing. Talking about this makes them very sad. My job here is to bring them back to the present moment, though I do not try to work through their traumas with them since I am not a therapist. The aim of the workshops is to support the refugees in their integration process in Germany. The focus of the workshops is on culture, education, empowerment of women, and recreation. I speak to the participants of the workshops in Kurmancî-Kurdish, which is especially important in the beginning since not all of them speak German well enough yet. So far, we have done the following activities depending on the weather: In the summer we went for a picnic in a park and hikes in nature. We practice German, we paint with the children, visit cafes, and takes boat tours. The refugees are encouraged to actively express their own wishes and needs to help us plan the workshops.

What does mean to you? is an incredibly important organization that gives a voice to those people who would otherwise be forgotten rather quickly. For example, who is going to rebuild the Shingal-Region region that ISIS has destroyed through terror and violence? Hundreds of thousands of people, including the Yazidi population of this region, have been living in tents for years. The projects offer a glimpse of hope during a time when religious minorities in the Middle East are facing a lot of horror, executions, terror, disrespect of women, and abuse the of children. For me, stands for freedom and self-determination no matter where we live.

What did you do before joining

I am a sociologist and mediator for violence prevention. I spent my childhood and youth in Rastede near Oldenburg but I was born in Nusaybin. After my studies in Frankfurt am Main, I moved to Berlin in 2008 and started working for various NGOs. I am especially experienced working in the field of youth: political education, career counselling and leisure activities. Aside from that, I’ve been involved in integration projects and in 2014, I added the topic „prevention of extremism“.  Anti-semitism has also become a hot topic within my work. Political extremists like the Jihadists of ISIS typically not only have a problem with Yazidi community, they’d also like to wipe out the Jewish community given the chance. This is the kind of extremism that is dangerous for all of us and that we have to fight against.

What is your favorite moment?

So far, the most beautiful moment was after the boat tour with the participants. Many of them thanked me deeply and it became clear that this trip was really good for them. It was so nice to see that the children, women, and men can laugh again despite the trauma they experienced.

If you could describe in three words, what would they be?

Freedom, self-determination, women’s power.