5-Year Anniversary of the Genocide

Dearest friends and supporters,

5 years ago today, ISIS began its rampage through the Sinjar region of Iraq. Within less than a month, thousands of Yazidis were brutally murdered; thousands more were captured and sold as slaves or trained as child soldiers; and nearly half a million were on the run for their lives. During this incredibly emotional time, our collective consciousness is flooded with painful memories and we are reminded of the thousands of people, particularly women and children, who are still missing today; feared either dead or still enslaved by ISIS.

Our lives were changed forever on that fateful summer day. HAWAR is our answer to support the victims of these heinous crimes in Iraq and abroad, advocate for justice in the international community, and, perhaps most importantly, ensure that such atrocities are never committed again.


On this day of remembrance, we call on the international community to develop:

PROTECTED ZONE IN SINJAR: After 5-years in IDP camps in Iraqi-Kurdistan, the Yazidi people must be ensured a safe return to Sinjar. Without a homeland for the community, the existence of the religion comes into question. At our BACK TO LIFEWomen’s Empowerment Center in an IDP Camp in northern Iraq, we work with womeneveryday who are ready to go back and rebuild their communities.

NEW SPECIAL RESETTLEMENT PROGRAMS: We call for new Special Resettlement Programs (DE: Sonderkontingente) for women and girls who have been sexually abused, and specifically for those who have borne the children of their captors. If their countries of origin are unable to guarantee these girls and their children a safe and decent life – then it is our responsibility to fight for and support them. Which German politicians are supporting the establishment of new programs? CLICK HERE & FIND OUT.

INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL TRIBUNAL: We also stand by the victims of these heinous crimes, as well as their families, in fighting for legal justice, which, 5 years on, has yet to be served.

Düzen Tekkal and Najlaa Matto, ISIS survivor, at the United Nations


Sadly, this genocide is only one of many, both current and historical. ISIS not only terrorized and murdered Yazidis, but also Christians and Muslims throughout the region. To this day, ethnic groups are still being persecuted for their political and religious affiliations by fundamentalists and state powers. Please take a minute to watch this video and hear our thoughts, as spoken by HAWAR Chairwoman, Düzen Tekkal.